Bordello and sexclub in Germany


Sauna clubs, brothels and sex clubs in Germany

Are you in Germany for business or personal reasons and looking for a non-committal, erotic adventure? You will find this and much more at Club König, our brothel in Hanover. A sex club– also known as a bordello – is an establishment where sex or sexual services can be obtained by men or women in exchange for money. It’s not without reason that the erotic industry is humanity’s oldest – the first traces of sex clubs go all the way back to Pompeii. Fossilised remains of a brothel were found there. In Germany, a bordello is often called a “Puff”. This term stems from the board and dice game of the same name, as it has mainly been played in brothels since the Middle Ages. Sex clubs have been a permanent fixture in society since ancient times, and nowadays there are various forms of prostitution. In Germany, four types of sex clubs dominate the overall industry. One type includes brothels and walk-up housesin which women who work as self-employed service providers rent rooms and wait for clients. Another type of sex club is the sauna or nudist club, where in addition to female guests who offer their sexual services, there is a sauna area as well as bars, restaurants, cinemas and much more. These establishments resemble impressive wellness facilities where one can both relax and purchase sexual services. Entrance to these sauna clubs, food and bathing options, as well as intimate encounters with a prostitute in the nudist club, are to be paid for separately. For their part, the ladies are also guests of the sauna club and work on their own account. Last but not least, there is the category of all-inclusive and flat rate clubs; these have been banned since 1 July 2017. The range of equipment varies considerably between the individual establishments. From saunas to pools, bars, buffets, whirlpools, cinemas, barbecue huts, swimming ponds and medical massages, a sex club in Germany can (but is not required to) have everything

Bordellos and sex clubs in Germany

Germany is the bordello of Europe – it’s a statement that is heard time and again because clients in Germany can legally enjoy a wide range of erotic offers. Furthermore, in Germany there are reliable figures on prostitution in general and in sex clubs. Every day, over one million men visit a brothel, and about 89,500 prostitutes work in sex clubs in Germany. There is also a comparable number of partly illegal street prostitutes in the industry – it’s a sector that our establishment of course does not support. At Club König, you will find the best of all sex clubs, bordellos and brothels combined in one. It’s a place to relax and have a great time with the guests that are available! Whether in the outdoor whirlpool or in one of the private rooms, in our brothel, the day belongs to you!

Prices in our sexclub in Germany

​ticket 1

3 hours - 60 Euro | incl. 3x sex chip & 2 beer

ticket 2
4 hours - 80 Euro | incl. 6x sex chips & 2 beer 0,5l

ticket 3
30 min. Service- 30 Euro | incl. 1x sex chips

every thursday - happy day ticket
less 10 Euro for 3 hours ticket | incl. 3x sex chips

Experience nightlife in a sex club

​In Puff König, the night isn’t over after a flirt. Those who always wanted to really enjoy Germany’s nightlife should visit us at the weekend. The female guests not only provide the right music from the stereo system, they also skilfully move to the familiar rhythms and quickly provide the right party mood. While you enjoy your cold beer at one of the bars in our brothel, the air sizzles. A hot night in sexclub König is at your fingertips!